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Flavi Dairy Technical Services

Dairy Plant Consultant

Dairy Plant Consultant

We are a Group of Technical consultant to dairy/food manufacturers and allied industries. We provide project management services to design and build up dairy as well as food production plants. We have rich experience in the Dairy field with corporate and we cater all technical needs of our valued clients by satisfying their needs. Due to Experienced Team we can give our client All service at a Single Point of Service,So that our client can have their work in time with better Efficiency.

We Offer

  • Small as well as Medium Scale Dairy Design
  • Line expansion in existing plants
  • Modification in running plants

Sourcing of Dairy Equipments
As we have vast network in dairy field, we cater required plant machineries for our clients from India as well as abroad.

  • Milk┬áSilo
  • Bulk milk coolers
  • Milk Tester/scan.
  • Milk storage tanks (horizontal/vertical)
  • Road tankers (Truck/Trolley mounted)
  • Milk chiller and Milk pumps.
  • Cream separator and pasteurizer.
  • Milk Pasteurizer.
  • Homogenizer.
  • Clarifier and bactofuge.
  • Mixing tanks and Silos.
  • Milk pouch packing machine (Pneumatic/Mechanical)
  • Cream, butter, ghee processing and packing machineries.
  • Curd filling and sealing machine, Incubators.
  • Condensing plants for Basundi, Khoa, condensed milk etc
  • Cheese and Paneer plants
  • Drying plants and accessories.
  • Ice cream freezing and packing plants.
  • Packing machines for Products.
  • Mixers, blenders, processors, emulsificator.
  • Refrigerated Containers for cold chain transports.
  • Margarine and Mayonnaise plants.
  • Soya Milk plants.

Sourcing of Dairy Ingredients
During works, there is always a need of ingredients or products to complete the said task and finding a specific ingredients and products in line with respective requirements, it sometimes makes difficult to customer to find such requirements. So in that case we help our clients to find based on our Network.

  • Milk Solids Not Fat (SMP, Whey powder, Lactose, Whey protein concentrate, Whey protein isolates)
  • Milk fats (Cream, Butter, Butter Oil, AMF, Ghee).
  • Milk based products.
  • Preservatives, Shelf life improvers.
  • Acidity Regulators and buffering agents, Acidulants.
  • Stabilizers and Emulsifiers for Ice creams, Yogurts, Margarine, Mayonnaise.
  • Food colors and Flavours, essences, extracts, pulps, concentrate, etc.
  • Neutraceuticals and Nutritive ingredients.
  • Processing Aids.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing aids

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Flavi Dairy Technical Services

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